Riding the waves in a global pandemic

Hey, beautiful being, how are you doing?

Lighthouse shines against a sunrise sky

Do you feel connected to your family, social network, community?

What resources have you been able to use to help you during these challenging times?

One of the things I talk about in my Trauma therapy sessions is finding our internal Island of Safety. What does that look like for you? Can you name any sensations that feel connected, warm, easefull?

What images or sensations arise when you think about safety?

Do you have any people/places/animals that arise in your mind?

Do you have a favorite memory that helps to calm your nervous system?

One of the benefits of Somatic awareness and processing is tapping into our Poly Vagal Informed Somatic landscape and helping to calm the stress *from the inside of our nervous system*. Getting to the ROOT of our overwhelm is useful when activated.

Do you know where you are on the activation ladder?

These can be helpful inquiries as we navigate these challenging times.

If you would like additional support, please reach out and let’s get connected.

Virtual sessions are now available.

Riding the waves in a global pandemic
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